The Art Is a Loop of Themes, Images, and Ideas

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One of the most used and perfectly misunderstood words in history include the word “art” everybody talks about art every day. The only reason that its use never goes wrong is the fact that it fits any context. Even so, art motivates a multiplicity of fields and whoever that might be, using it could not be wrong about it.  Art is the intentional alignment of some things in a way that brings about appeal to the emotions of anyone that interacts with it. Art encapsulates the elements below:

  • Human activities
  • Design
  • Expression

Today most things enjoy the pleasure of art. You can easily hear people talking about the art of politics, music, literature, painting, and sculpture among many others. Art is under an umbrella concept, aesthetics which means the nature or beauty of something.

Art goes on proliferate as a loop of themes, images, and ideas. These aspects hugely contribute to the success of this concept. If anyone talks about art, they cannot forget to chain it to elements of ideas, images, and themes.

Themes and Art

Why is it that each establishment today has a particular appearance? What motivates such a design? What is the thinking behind such an impression? You could be asking yourself all these questions, but if you come up with a business, it will need a theme. 10, 20, 30 years, the themes keep evolving, and people feel emotionally connected to it. Why do feel connected to art and theme the organization has used:

  • Themes are historical, they always tell a story for you, how each audience relates with it could be different but in the end, it works for anyone.
  • Through themes people understand us. We can never tell about an organization until we know the theme used on a piece of art.
  • Themes act as educators. Through themes, we learn art. The deepness of a piece of art is the theme used in its design. Audiences get to learn about art by starting from the theme.

One cannot just wake up and decide about a theme to use in art. The artist, the user, the perpetrator and the believer of art comes about a theme in many ways: 

  • Brainstorming
  • Mind mapping
  • Making list
  • Research
  • Praxis

Themes can be in the form of fungi, spirals, the weather, fear, surfaces, magic, wood design, flowers, costumes, wheels, masks, patterns.




Images and Art

When talking about art one thinks about image, an expression, a symbol or something quite tangible, above all is the picture that comes in mind. We cannot separate art and painting. We think of art and think of something in a frame, not only about the physical frame but also about what forms in someone’s mind.

An image is the result of art. Images serve different purposes; they could be for information meaning, expression, entertainment, entitlement, as symbols, like items. An image that makes such kinds of sense is an image formed by art. Good art precedes good images. Being able to align or arrange certain elements results in an image that appeals to the senses and the emotions of someone, which is what defines art.

Ideas and Art

Art is an element of aesthetics. Aesthetics is about the beauty of nature. Art can never be satiating if it does not appeal. The uniqueness of art is a question of right and critical thinking.  Being able to charm people can be made possible by ideas.

Whoever is coming up with the art will be motivated by something. A good artist is one that generates the best and most daunting ideas. Such is converted into an image on a clear space or pure slate.  An idea demonstrates the quality of art.

The audience through sight acknowledges that whatever that you have done is outstanding. They relate it to the personality of the creator. They glamour at the creator's way of thinking and will say that someone did it right.

Art Is the Synergy of Themes, Images, and Ideas

Art cannot work without themes, images, and ideas. Item is done in life, and life has a flow, could be fast, slow or moderate, and the theme connects art to life. The experiences of life are the themes of art; one can anticipate the emotions of an artist through their works. One can picture what that person is feeling when coming up with that image, and the idea that art was.

From the above, art is not just a combination of elements that bring about the emotional appeal but a composition of themes, images, and ideas.