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This blog will not collect information from visitors with the purpose of spamming or initiating marketing campaigns. Servers usually acquire some info from visitors: IP address, details about the type of browsers they’ve used, as well as, where applicable, time stamps.

Even though the blog will get that info, this will not be shared with third party organizations, therefore our visitors will enjoy full privacy. Some of the information could be used to improve the experience of the visitor without disclosing it to anyone else.

For instance, the collected information could serve the objective of the blog: that of providing essays as accurate and helpful as possible. Moreover, other uses could be: creating satisfaction surveys and notifying visitors of changes in the rules.

Visitors will be able to choose whether or not they want to be sent newsletters when new information is uploaded to the blog. If they change their minds after they’ve opted for newsletters, they can contact the owners of the blog and ask to be removed from the newsletter list.

Visitors will not be asked for delicate personal data like credit card info or phone number. They could be asked for reviews and testimonials once in a while, in order for us to make sure that the blog does not stray away from its original purpose.


Cookies are used by websites in order to lodge information concerning the personal preferences of the visitor and also help in tailoring future content so it is in lines with those preferences.

Evidently, visitors should feel free to disable cookies in order to enhance their privacy on the blog. If you don’t know how to do this, you will find instructions in your browser, in the “Settings” or “Help” sections.


Advertisements launched by Google or other companies the blog could be affiliated with may work on cookies. In spite of the fact that this sounds counterproductive, by using cookies, the owners of the advertisements will customize the ads based on your preferences and interests.

Of course, you can choose against the usage of cookies to the end of getting personalized ads by disabling them in your browser.


If you have any concerns or questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us by online form. If there will be changes in the policy in the meantime, we will notify you immediately both on this page and by sending you a personal e-mail.