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Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, am grateful for your attention in this significant case. Today, the life of an innocent young woman depends on the twelve of you. First, condolences to the family of Mr. William Frankenstein, who lost his life under very aggravating circumstances. However, it would be imperative to note that Mrs. Justin had nothing to do with this unfortunate death. 

The prosecution relied upon Mr. William’s locket, which was found in my client’s pocket. However, on close examination of other pieces of evidence related to this case, it is evident that an innocent person, a good woman is paying dearly with her life for a crime she did not commit. For instance, the prosecution failed to place my client at the scene of murder when the murder took place (Komter).  One of my important witnesses, Mr. Victor, informed the court that they were together with my client at the movies in Los Angeles, a claim supported by purchased tickets for the movie. Based on the facts collected, the movie started at precisely 9 pm, which was two minutes to the time when Mr. William was killed. Besides, the movie took place 300 miles from the murder scene.  Therefore, the major issue before the court is that could my client have been in two places at the same time? Could she have covered 300 miles in barely two minutes to come back and kill the deceased?

It is important to note that the prosecution witnesses claimed to have seen my client kill the deceased, but from the facts, we have in this case, could it have been possible? Therefore, the prosecution’s claim that Justin killed her ex-boyfriend William, and took his locket is baseless. In fact, Mr. William gave my client the locket as settlement for a debt he owed her. The Jury members, it is in your hands to end the suffering and free an innocent person who has unfairly suffered unimaginable pain (Komter).