We all have that classmate or coworker who is so good at presentations that we can’t help but wish we were that confident and engaging. While everyone else has you either struggling to stay awake or staring at the clock while they talk, these smooth operators leave you entranced no matter how boring the topic. What could be their secret? How do they keep you fixated on their presentation? And how can you do the same? The skills needed to present a project creatively and…Continue Reading “How To Present A Project In A Creative Way”

writing dissertation

Dissertations are scary. They’re not only supposed to large volumes of information that contributes to the already existing corpus of knowledge on a subject (yes, that’s all italics because many don’t get this) but also to respect a lot of academic rules. If you’re preparing for your dissertation, you’re most definitely feeling the jitters of anxiety. However, you’ll get the job done quicker and hassle-free by using the following 4 tips we’re going to introduce you to. Plan Your Chapters The vast majority of students…Continue Reading “4 Tips on How to Write an Ultimate Dissertation on History”