China was a stable country, particularly in the economic sector, in 1800. Most of the people were successful farmers while others worked as laborers in factories in return for wages. However, the land was slowly invaded by the Western superpowers who started to control the natural resources in China. Additionally, the foreigners spread their doctrines such as Christianity contrary to the will of most people. Patriots formed rebellious groups so as to push away the foreigners. For instance, the Boxer Rebellion was formed by a…Continue Reading “The Fight against Western Imperialism in China”


The American Civil War of 1861-1865 is considered as a central event in the history of the Americans. It was made to determine what kind of nation America would be; whether a sovereign nation made of states or an indivisible national government. There were many generals commissioned in the American Civil War such as Robert Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and William Sherman. They led troops and were major decision-makers in determining the outcome of most civil battles. Thomas. J. “Stonewall” Jackson was a veteran of the…Continue Reading “Stonewall Jackson”

karl markx

Karl Marx lived in 1818-1883 and is famous not as a philosopher, but as a great revolutionary. His works, in the 20th century, inspired many alongside the foundation of various communist regimes. Karl’s profound and distinct influence in creation and modeling of our modern world is the motivating factor for writing about him. Accomplished as a philosopher, Karl turned away from the field in his mid-twenties and focused on politics and economics. Nevertheless, adding to his openly philosophical work, Karl’s later writings are rich in…Continue Reading “Karl Marx’s Biography”

pearl harbor

The nature of the sources I have chosen is secondary. These sources help to analyze and interpret primary sources. They offer significant factual evidence concerning the Pearl Harbor event. The sources may have some of the graphics, quotes, and pictures included. The secondary sources I have selected are an article and a journal. These sources are relevant to the investigation I am carrying out since the first reference carries the information of the shadow of Pearl Harbor, which explains some of the political controversies that…Continue Reading “Pearl Harbor”